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by on September 27, 2014

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DUI arrest records are public information. However going about retrieving the documents may turn out to be more of a headache than anticipated.

First off you have to know where to go and what hoops you have to go through to obtain the records. You can drive to the county courthouse of the county where the dui arrest was made and retrieve the documents in that manner. This method is time consuming and you’re paying for gas and wear and tear on your vehicle.

Dui Arrests

are a permanent part of your driving record as well as other criminal records and arrest reports. A driving record contains information about a person’s driving history. It also shows how many points you have against you, any traffic violations, DUI arrests, if a driver’s license is suspended, any traffic accidents, what classification a license is, personal information and more.

Personal information in your driving records will include name, address, phone number, hair color, eye color, and birth date.

DUI Search

When performing a DUI Search it is important to know that a driving record history will be revealed. This will list any DUI Arrest Records in the last 10 years and sometimes even much longer if the violation was alcohol related.

You’ll have access to arrest records, court records, background history, criminal records, public records, bankruptcy records, dwi arrests, dui arrests and any other drunk driving offense.

We’ve made it easy to perform a DUI Lookup and you can get results in less than a minute online.

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Free License Plate Search?

Search to find the owner of a license plate with only a license plate number and state. Get vehicle registration records, retrieve driving records, search license plate number owner registration information and much more.  Members can view arrest reports, violations, warrants, get address and name of owner, get phone number of driver, search neighbors, get cell phone number, look up assets, check for bankruptcies, search court records, search birth records, look up background history, search criminal records, and much more. Enter your information above and click the START HERE button!

Here’s something interesting: Contrary to what you may believe or whatever you’ve read online before, there is no such thing as a free license plate search . Unfortunately, a person can search the internet for days and still not find one single site that will let you look up a license plate for no cost.

There are very good reasons for that. Mainly the reason is that  it is just not cost effective for any data suppler to give out the sensitive and expensive detailed records in your driving records without charging something for their data, servers, time, and information.

Information data suppliers are paying premium rates to info houses plus numerous other expenses including hosting to make those records available.  In essence there are costly expenses for companies to maintain and host the databases that contain the detailed info.

But, don’t let that get you down, the good news is, you can still get full driving records of the owner of a car by getting access to license plate records and much more online at a very huge discount today.  While most sites that provide such information charge from $45 to $400 or even more to retrieve the documents You don’t have to pay anywhere near that to get license plate records today.

Now, you can simply enter a license plate number to retrieve owner information and the best part is you can do it for only $4.95 today.   (Offer may be ending soon)   Once you’re a member you can search as many plate numbers as you want for free.

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License plate records may contain:
Driving Records, Name And Complete Address, Phone Number Of Driver, Date Of Birth, License Issue Date, License Plate Expiration Date, Height And Weight Of Driver, Driver’s Eye Color, License Issue Location, Accidents History, Employment Information, Arrest Records, Vehicle Registration County, Make And Model Of Vehicle, Color Of Vehicle, Body Style, VIN of Vehicle, Title Number of Vehicle, Dui Records, Lein Holder’s Information, History of Vehicle And Owners, Odometer Reading and much more..

Look Up License Plate Number Now!.

You need a reverse lookup directory website if you want to run a plate number for free. To run a plate number you can use an auto license plate number search online or even a reverse license plate search. These kind of directories contain large databases of auto license plate numbers and driver’s information of millions of drivers. Dmv records search include driving records search and online directories and databases including dmv records, driving records, license plate records, arrest records, sex offender records, asset records, court records and much more.

Most of the searches work similar to the popular search engines and usually require a nominal membership fee of around $59 to $99 a month to obtain access to their databases. Once you are a member, you’ll able to perform many searches of anybody you want to investigate for no additional costs.

License Plate Search

To perform a license plate search online, you first need to have the license plate number that you want to inquire about, the next step is to enter that number into a reverse directory online.  These types sites give a member access to search several different databases. Once logged into the members area, you’ll be instructed to enter the license plate number to perform a free license plate lookup.

The information retrieved when it matches you to a record usually consists of the name and the model of the registered vehicle, the name of the registered vehicle owner and their address with contact information.

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Another option is below…

• You can look in your local yellow pages to find a licensed private detective.   A private investigator will pull up the data usually via the same resources as the method above.   The only difference is that a licensed private detective will charge anywhere from $150 or more to do the research for you and return a license plate lookup or license plate search report or dmv records search after a few days to weeks.

With the advent of the internet people rarely use the services of private investigators any more to retrieve data since you can conduct a search within minutes from the comfort of your home.

Most reputable online membership sites are typically around $39 – $59 a month to access all kinds of records including dmv records, driving records, license plate records, registration records, birth records, marriage records, court records, dmv records, criminal records, background checks, bankruptcy records, divorce records and whole lot more. Only $4.95 for a very limited time.

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After extensive investigating and research, we came to realize that it was difficult finding a legitimate membership site that offers real information rather that outdated data and expired links.

Finally we determined that, hands down, Everify, which is only $39.95/mo, is one of the most reputable data provider’s online. They provide updated information not outdated links to other websites like so many scam sites are offering.

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Lookup National Archives here for other government records.